News: weather

Good news!

20 April 2013

With the snowfall of the last few days, slightly increasing temperatures and less wind on the mountain, the ice above Pastukhov Rocks (4500 m) is now totally covered. Now it is possible to climb to the summit without fix ropes, just using crampons and ice axe. Using skis for ascent and descent above this mark is still not very safe, due to the small snow cover on the ice, but the fresh snow predicted during the next week will probably improve the situation. This gives us a very good season start, and hopefully all groups intending to climb with skis will be able to do so!


12 August 2009

The sunny and warm weather that we were expecting on Sunday turned out wet and cold, the temperature during the last nights in Terskol village was only 0 degrees centigrade. And finally today it was snowing below Elbrus middle station (Krugozor station), with the snow line at 2800 m. Usually weather gets like this only in late September or early October.

Locals say that this year we will have a very early autumn and a cold winter, which, indeed, almost already has started. Follow our weather news in the next time!


7 August 2009

This summer in Elbrus Region is unusually rainy and cold. Down in the valley almost every evening we have short, but heavy rain fall, while on the mountain it is snowing hard. The conditions for climbing Mt. Elbrus are good, as the weather in the morning is usually clear, and all ice and crevasses on the route to the summit are covered with snow right now.

Starting with Sunday we expect stable sunny weather, but heavy winds, so it will be cold and maybe difficult to climb to the summit.