go-elbrus.com - equipment list Elbrus ski, snowboard or snow-shoe climb.


Equipment List Elbrus Ski, Snowboard or Snow-shoe Climb

Skis, snowboard, alpine equipment:

  • Randonnée or telemark skis, ski touring or telemark boots, trekking poles, skins, ski crampons


  • Snowboard and snow-shoes or split board and skins, snowboard boots, trekking poles


  • Snow-shoes, plastic or leather double boots (best) or heavy insulated leather boots, suitable for crampons (not recommended for people who’s feet are getting cold quickly, for example women, people with frost bites or problems with blood circulation and for the cold time of the climbing season – April/ May, September/ October), trekking poles
  • Back pack (appr. 50 – 60 l) for transportation of all equipment to the camp, with fixation for skis/ snowboard for touring/ riding or bigger back pack or expedition pack (60 – 100 l) for transportation of equipment to the camp and smaller back pack (30 – 40 l) with fixation for skis or snowboard for touring/ riding
  • Sleeping bag (down or holofiber), comfort temperature 0 degrees or less
  • temperature (the huts in the mountain camp are normally heated, but it can get cold in case of electricity breakdown)
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Avalanche transceiver with new and spare batteries
  • Avalanche shovel
  • Ice axe
  • Crampons
  • Climbing harness, 2 regular carabiners, 2 locking carabiners, 2 prussik cords (length 360 cm and 180 cm, 6 mm diameter), 1 sling 120 cm
  • Sunscreen for face and lips (high protection)
  • Unbreakable metal thermos (1 l)
  • Metal or plastic bottle (e.g., Nalgene, Sigg) with insulator (1 l)


  • Technical outerware layer: waterproof / breathable jacket (with hood) and pants (Goretex or similar wind and water proof material)
  • Insulation layer: sweater and/ or jacket and pants (fleece, soft-shell or wind-stopper) (1-2 sets)
  • 1 set of base layer: long tights and longsleeved shirt
  • T-Shirt
  • Down jacket (a must as life saving equipment, Elbrus can be a very cold mountain)
  • Warm hat (fleece or wool)
  • Balaklava/ face mask (fleece or wool)
  • Woolen mountaineering socks (minimum 2 pairs)
  • Fleece or woolen gloves
  • Mittens with down or holofiber insulation or mittens made of 3-layer Goretex with warm fleece liner
  • Glacier sunglasses with side flaps
  • Ski goggles
  • Sun hat, cap or bandana

It is possible to rent equipment, please let us know in advance what you need!

11 August 2009